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Killing jUstice

Killing Justice is a profound exploration of a life marred by injustice and a betrayal of trust by a friend of twenty years, transformed into a testament of strength. At the center of this riveting prison memoir is Kelly Giles' harrowing experience of wrongful arrest and a 10-month imprisonment.

Killing Justice a memoir by Kelly Giles

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On his way to becoming a double-felon, he must grapple with the unforgiving intricacies of the legal system, and seek a path to healing. Rebelliously rising, Kelly evolves from a silenced soul to a powerful, resilient voice.

His PTSD, which is deepened by his imprisonment and a reckoning with both adoptive trauma and religious abuse, becomes the crucible in which creativity is reborn, thriving in the face of adversity and a profound revelation: trauma can be the canvas on which the most poignant expressions are etched.

Far more than a memoir, Killing Justice is a beacon of hope, resonating with the universal message that our identity transcends the sum of our mistakes. 


Praise for Killing jUstice

"Killing Justice is a rollercoaster that will have you hoping this is just fiction during the most painful moments, but it will also have you grateful that it is a true story when you see the rainbow after the storm. I highly recommend this memoir for inspiration, knowledge, and hope. It is a real, godly, and magnificent read. Imperfectly perfect."

- Deanna Pak, actress, filmmaker, and author of Hungry in Hollywood: How to Be a Working Actor

"Justice is considered to be one of the hallmarks of freedom in a democracy, but the convoluted system that we live under often fails, taking away a freedom that most of us take for granted. Killing Justice chronicles the heartfelt story of Kelly Giles, an honest man victimized by this tragic failure of the justice system, who managed to overcome the adversity of wrongful incarceration, and ultimately found his way to true freedom."

- Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters

"Kelly provides us with the details required to be immersed in this harrowing story of how an attorney's life exploded into a nightmare. We walk with him as he begins to understand how he became linked, unknowingly, to a criminal enterprise that led to incarceration. We support him as he analyzes how his lifelong desperation to belong, which had driven him to become a lawyer, eventually led to the end of that career. And we root for him as he finds a new path forward."

- Judge Mary Beth O'Connor, author of From Junkie to Judge: One Woman's Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction

"Killing Justice is at turns tragic, haunting, and ultimately, inspirational. Giles takes the reader on a powerful journey which shows how truth, faith, and love can overcome damn near anything."

- Judge Trey Dowell, author of The Protectors

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